Thursday, June 7, 2007

Twin Cities Alert

Hello everyone. The northern-most section of our journey is coming to an end. We will be paddling into the Twin Cities tomorrow, and are planning to pass under the Broadway Avenue bridge sometime between one and two in the afternoon. If you're around, feel free to swing by and wave hello. We'll try to be punctual. If no one's there, don't worry. We won't take it personally. Can't wait to paddle in, and hopefully the world is treating you all well.

Until next time,
The Mississippi Project


mikepam said...

Hey Gabe,
We may not be there in person, but we will definitely be thinking about all of you around 11:00 - 12:00 (PST)!

Read the article in the Daily Pennsylvanian; very nice.

Justin just updated his blog; they had to scrap their plans for R&R in Bahrain to head over to Oman to help with Cyclone Gonu relief efforts. He says it's 117 degrees over there! Yikes!

Take care,
Mom & Dad

Tim's mom said...

we enjoyed having you all stay with us and to be witness to your adventure. Tim's dad took a few nice pictures as you paddled away and we found Danny's sweatshirt on the shore where we first met up with you. Hope you found your phone. We'll be waiting to read the next episode. Good luck, the Marrinans

C-line said...

Hey guys! My name's Caroline Rothstein, I graduated from Penn in 06. I think your project/journey is amazing and I am soooo glad I'm still on the Writer's House listserv to have received word of your adventure.

Anyhow...I just spent the last year since graduating traveling around the country myself. I lived in Atlanta for 6 months working football season at a sports bar, and then hit the road for a three month solo road trip ALL OVER.

Point is...I spent a lot of time along the Mississippi (albeit in my car) down in the south - Mississippi, Louisianna, Arkansas, Tennessee, Missouri, etc. ANYHOW...I would love to tell you about some INCREDIBLE things you MUST see especially in Mississippi. The River is magical down there. Simply magical. And the towns along the Mississippi Delta are priceless. There are places and people to see and I'd love to get you in touch with them all if you'd like. So feel free to email me at I assume since you can blog from the river, you can email... And feel free to check out my own blog that has been chronicling my journey at

All the best!!!!! - Caroline

Parisian Plunderer said...

Dear Mr. Crane,

I hope you find yourself in fine form as you paddle down the Mississippi in that poor excuse for a safe transportation device. This little huckleberry adventure of yours is quite novel, I must say, but I assure you that you have completely lost your senses. As you dig yourself deeper into this hand-blisteringly long Quag Mire, just think how sad it is... you just turned 21 and you are already flowing off the deep end... ;)

But for real. Trip sounds amazing. Enjoying the blog as I sit in my little apartment calling think tanks in Ghana for my internships. All's good back in Phillie. Your presence is sourly missed, but you gotta do what you gotta do... in your case, taking a two month trip down the Mississippi in a canoe... in my case, taking resin hits.

Stay alive and keep blogging.

One love,

Priya said...

Dear Gabe

I'm a staff writer at Penn's School of Arts and Sciences External Affairs office, and we'd love to cover your experiences on this fascinating journaling trip down the Mississippi in some of our upcoming publications. I realize your access and availability are somewhat complicated right now, but if you do see this message, I'd love to set up a time that's convenient for you for us to speak. If email is easier, we can communicate that way as well, and we can speak in person when you return to campus.

I'm also going to email you with this information, so hopefully we'll be able to connect in the near future!

I can be reached by email or at work at 215-898-5262.

Thanks, and I look forward to speaking with you!


wanda1234 said...

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